What is a virtual learning environment?

A virtual classroom is the perfect learning environment for students of all ages. It’s engaging, fun and interactive. It encourages collaboration and creativity while also challenging learners to think critically. Virtual classrooms are great at integrating online content and activities with in-classroom experiences. They’re also incredibly useful for teachers who want to engage their learners through activities that are relevant, challenging and meaningful. However, creating a successful virtual classroom isn’t as easy as just throwing one together at the last minute or hacking something together using Google Docs or Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. To succeed, you need an organized learning platform that’s easy to use, accessible from any device, scalable and integrated with other tools so your students have access to everything they need when they need it most.

What is a virtual learning environment?

Virtual learning environments are online learning platforms that let teachers create interactive, online classes for their students. These platforms combine online content with real-time interactive activities, allowing students to work on assignments together, participate in discussions, create content and interact with teachers and other students across the globe. VLEs are a great way to create an engaging, virtual classroom experience that’s accessible 24/7, even when students aren’t able to attend class in person. They also allow you to connect with your students in new ways — from anywhere, anytime.

Why is a VLE important?

Virtual learning environments are a great way to reach students who might not otherwise be able to participate in your classes. VLEs have the potential to increase engagement and improve student outcomes. They can also significantly reduce costs for schools by eliminating the need for physical class locations and reducing the need for teachers to be stationed in buildings all day. Virtual learning environments can make education more accessible to students from low-income families and offer more opportunities for online learning. With a VLE, you can offer your courses anytime and anywhere, and you can also introduce remote instruction and assessment options.

3 Things to Consider When Building a VLE

Before you get started building a VLE, take a look at these three things to consider.

Google Classroom

If you’re looking for a quick, easy and cost-effective solution, choose Google Classroom. It’s an intuitive tool that’s simple to set up and use, and it’s free for teachers and administrators. With Google Classroom, you can create a classroom space for students to log in, manage assignments, facilitate discussions, set up a syllabus, upload resources and more. Most importantly, you get full access to all of Google’s powerful tools and technology, like Google Drive and G Suite, so you can integrate Google Classroom with other tools and create a seamless experience for your students.

Microsoft ASD Virtual Classroom

Microsoft has created an online course platform that provides a customizable experience for your students. It’s a scalable solution that’s easy to use and flexible, and it’s also free for schools. With Microsoft ASD Virtual Classroom, you can create your own fully customizable learning environment. This includes creating a design that’s consistent with your brand and the learning styles and needs of your students. You can also take advantage of Microsoft’s AI tools that help you personalize your learning experience and track student progress. The Microsoft platform is also accessible from any device and can be used with any device, so you don’t have to worry about creating a learning environment that’s fully functional on one device and subpar on another.

Tandem virtual learning environment (Tandem VLE)

Tandem is an online learning platform that lets you create a fully integrated virtual classroom experience. It’s a scalable solution that’s easy to set up and use, and it’s also free for schools. The Tandem platform lets you create engaging, fully immersive virtual classrooms. You can customize your virtual classroom with your branding and curriculum, set up remote teaching and assessment options, and provide your students with access to all of their devices wherever and whenever they want. With the Tandem platform, you can create unique learning experiences that are engaging and personalized for your students. You can also create a learning environment that’s integrated with tools like Google Classroom and Google Calendar, so students have access to everything they need when they need it most.


Virtual learning environments are an exciting and transformative way to engage students. They’re also a great option for schools looking to reduce costs and increase accessibility. No matter which VLE you choose, make sure it’s easy to use, integrates with other tools so students have access to everything they need when they need it most and delivers consistent quality of experience across all platforms and devices. Check: lms vs lxp