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The future of augmented reality in construction

Construction is a heavily digitalised industry. It’s used to working with electronic documents, layouts, and software programs for estimating costs and designing plans. But it’s about to get even more digital. AR (https://nsflow.com/industries/augmented-reality-in-construction-industry) has already been integrated into some aspects of construction planning like site layouts and modelling building systems. But the construction industry as …

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What is a custom software development?

From traditional custom web software development processes to Agile methods, many companies have explored different ways of developing software. The result? Failure and frustration for many, but some companies also succeeded in implementing new software development processes that have helped them succeed. In this blog article we’ll explain what a custom software development is, why …

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Which type of augmented reality should you choose in mining?

Augmented reality is a technology which uses virtual images to overlay digital information onto a user’s physical environment. It is an emerging area of computer-based technology that has the potential to transform business processes, increase efficiency and improve operational performance in resource-intensive industries such as mining. Augmented reality is one of the many different types …

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